The ScrumBrawl Story

The ScrumBrawl Story

The good sphinx Queen Margaela, wise leader of the ten free races of Cellessia, was given a vivid dream in which she beheld a grand arena wrought of marble, rising above the plains of her kingdom, where sportsmen of every tribe in all of Avenbrae participated in a most unique form of competition. Upon waking, she immediately began to pursue the fulfillment of her dream.

SphinxThe queen consulted with her most acclaimed architects and powerful sorcerers and shared her vision of a new sport of strategy, speed and cunning played within a resplendent arena. For two years, volunteers of each of the Cellessian races worked in the quarries harvesting great slabs of marble and carting them to the construction site. As the walls and floors of the Arena took shape, the sorcerers, harnessing the power of the Alchemical and Chaotic Arts, conjured enchanted orbs and opened shifting portals within the Arena as the Queen's vision had depicted. With much fanfare and excitement, vast numbers of each of the races of Cellessia were present as the Queen proclaimed the opening of the Great Arena.

The Cellessians were captivated by the game and matches were held daily in the Arena for months. After a time, Queen Margaela, seeking to bring the full realization of her dream, and in face of strong opposition from her advisors, sent couriers to each of the other realms of Avenbrae beyond the borders of Cellessia: to the wild and rugged canyons of Nordoon, into the dark and dangerous forests of Brelland, high up into the glacial peaks of Tuliathu, and even down into the foul badlands of Vitium. All races of each tribe received and accepted the Queen's invitation to participate in the game of her vision.

As feared, the other tribes proved bloodthirsty and far less civilized than the enlightened citizens of Cellessia. What started as a game of strategy metamorphosed into a hybrid of tactics and brutality. Yet despite the high mortality rate, the Queen's game, unpredictable and exciting, swelled in popularity among all of the tribes and became known throughout the lands of Avenbrae as ScrumBrawl.


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