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ScrumBrawl Reviews

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ScrumBrawl: A Great Find and Worthy Purchase, August 3, 2011

"Scrumbrawl really stands alone in it's genre-bending execution. And it's made all the greater by the fact that it is the first game of the new VicTim games."

"The rules read well, and if you've ever played a combat board game or ccg or lcg or what have you, you'll pick it up with ease. It really is very well laid out."

"There are two decks of cards. A standard sized deck and a mini sized deck. The standard cards are BEAUTIFUL. The artwork here is really amazing for a first game. It's got an animated, cell-shaded vibe. It brings to mind the worlds of the "Tales" and "Star Ocean" video game series, only less Japan-ish."

"FUN. BRUTAL. QUICK. EASY TO LEARN. Love it. Since I usually play with casual gamers, I can see this game becoming quick classic. Two of my friends, who I played my first game with, have already ordered copies and I can see tournaments occurring in the near future."

"What started as a risky buy has paid off better than I had hoped and laid my gaming soul at ease. Scrumbrawl is a fine purchase. A wonderful game for all ages."


~ Joe Heaney
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ScrumBrawl: A Review, August 2, 2011

"Scrumbrawl’s theme is that of a fantasy sport where various magical characters battle it out in a chaotic arena, trying to score points by getting the ball to the goal and defeating other players on the field. Chaos is the operative word. This is a game where everything can change in a moment and often does."

"The game is meant to be sat down and played without concern for long-term strategy. Instead, it’s a fast and furious battle where players dive right in and start fighting for glory. This is its biggest strength."

"It’s fast and furious enough that it’s always entertaining, chaotic enough that it discourages players from getting stuck in overthinking things, and easy enough that the rules can be learned without pain."

"The cards and figure tokens that represent the various participants are all very colorful and fun. The art, in particular, takes old standbys of fantasy and makes them pop with life."

~ A. Lee Martinez
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A Review of ScrumBrawl
The Dice Tower, July 14, 2011

"When I opened up and looked at the art work, I was a little bit more impressed - I very much liked the artwork - but once I played the game, I was hooked! Now this is not a game of great seriousness and great 'strategery'. This is a game of just absolute chaotic fun!"

"ScrumBrawl - one of my surprises of 2011!"

"Its kind of a crazy, mixed-up game but I like it, I don't know how else to explain it. I like the huge variety, I mean, there are like fifty different creatures that can show up over the course of the game and they all have a different feel to them. It's a lot of fun but you have to have a certain mindset to enjoy the game. Fortunately, I do!"

~ Tom Vasel
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ScrumBrawl: Fantasy-Based Sports Goodness
Black Gate Magazine, July 4, 2011

"Overall, the game is extremely enjoyable and easy to get into, with a minimal amount of fuss … and cost. If you can get over the lack of miniatures, and are looking for a quality game, this is a product you would do well to look into."

"Though VicTim Games is new, you can’t tell it from the game. If someone had told me that this game was made by Wizards of the Coast, I wouldn’t have any reason to disbelieve them. The production value is very high, with good art quality."

~ Andrew Zimmerman Jones
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Board Game Review: ScrumBrawl, June 13, 2011

"I came across ScrumBrawl at the 2011 SoonerCon in Oklahoma City, and I was immediately fascinated. The game is solidly fantasy, but it is also a sports game reminiscent of the old magnetized football or miniature hockey sets. It has player-controlled monsters ala Magic: The Gathering, but it has objective, board-related goals like a miniatures battle. Whatever its genre really is, ScrumBrawl makes for a great game."

"Ultimately, the fantasy theme is the icing on a heck of a sports game cake. The mechanics of ScrumBrawl are solid and impressive..."

"In all, ScrumBrawl is a well designed game with excellent production values. It is fairly advanced, making the 13+ age recommendation reasonable, but rules are straightforward so that it is not as overwhelming as the titanic games like Twilight Imperium or Civilization, making for an in depth but relatively short game at about 45 minutes, depending on number of players."

"5 out of 5 stars"

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"Scrumbrawl successfully provides a compelling alternative to the saturated strategy/collectable card game market. While giving the players an entirely new gaming experience, VicTim games has securely founded it's first effort in the familiar territories of Sport and Fantasy. I can't imagine someone NOT having fun with this game."
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~ Justin C., Okinawa, Japan

"As soon as I opened the box, I was very impressed by the gorgeous artwork. The game play is a lot of fun. After the first game I was hooked, and I can't wait to try it again with more players. I highly recommend this game."
Rated 10/10 on

~ Tony B.

"At CincyCon I met some great folks with from VicTim Games LLC. They were debuting a new board game, Scrumbrawl. I liked the game so much we picked up a case immediately for the store!"
~ Matthew F., Cincinnati, OH

"I've brought ScrumBrawl to my last two gamer's club sessions and we've had a very good time with it. "Controlled chaos" is probably the best description of the reaction from most players. There's enough control to put together some nice plays with enough randomness to keep you from ever feeling too secure in your position. Players love the artwork on the game cards along with the color-coded stands with mini-creature cards."
~ Mark B., Augusta, GA

"ScrumBrawl comes out and stays out the entire time our kids get for recreation. I like it a lot even though the kids at work consistently kick my butt. Lots of fun to play and we always lose track of time when playing."
~ Mark B., Oklahoma City, OK

"Personally I would like to thank Magic Stump for making this just awesome."
~ Paula S., Woodlawn, OH

"Truly awesome art!"
~ David E., Bloomington, MN

Great Game Great Components, It is dice roll heavy but if you are ok with luck based dice roll games you will love this. The cards are all glossy HIGH quality prints...only game I have sleeved cards as I want them to stay looking great. Rated 10/10 on
~ Leland G.

I only took about 10 minutes for me to explain the game to my friend and we were playing. The game is very easy to teach. Rated 9.5/10 on
~ John P.

Just picked up the game today and am very impressed. A fantastic game to get my casual and hardcore gamer friends excited about.
~ Gregory W.

I wanted to say thanks to the designers for this game!
~ Tim B.

We've just played our first game - and on behalf of myself and da' missus, thanks for making this game. It's brilliant! Simple, massively chaotic and [really] fun.
~ Darren P.



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