Images from our Prototypes

History of the ScrumBrawl Prototypes

The original concept of ScrumBrawl was not nearly what eventually became the fantasy-based sport game in its current form. At the outset, the game was a space-based combat game where each player could control up to three different ships. After playtesting and fine tuning for well over a year, we determined that the game was great, but it was too unwieldy and complex with the crazy amount of dice rolling and computation involved.

We put the Space Game on the shelf for several months until Tim imagined a stripped down version of the game that provided even more activity without the confusion that weighted down the Space Game. Vic and Tim got together that fateful day and with white and yellow cardstock and a couple of sharpie markers, inked out a quick prototype and began to discuss. Tim brought the prototype to work and kept it on his desk and we would spend our lunch hours (and sometimes non-lunch hours) working on more ideas. Jason, our esteemed colleague, volunteered his services as illustrator (after minimal coaxing) and the partnership was born.

Sketch Chimera
This was the first creature sketch that was done by Jason to see if it captured the style we were looking for.

Sketch Wyvern
This is still one of our favorite pieces of art in the game, seen here in its original sketch.

Ogre Sketch
The Ogre was one of several creatures that was in the original prototype but didn't make the cut in the end. Other creatures not making the cut were the Siren, the Werewolf, Shiva, Medusa, the Goblin, the Minor and Major Demons, and the Dryad.

Transmuter Sketch
This was the original Transmuter art, which was dubbed "Pajama Goblin" by Tim before being reworked.

Box Concept 1
Original Box Concept

Box Concept 2
Later Box Concept

Original Board Concept
Our original board was a sand-floored Arena, complete with footprints, snakeprints, bugprints, and discarded weapons and body parts.
Original Creature Card
Day One: The day the idea was hatched, Vic and Tim drew dozens of quick stick figure minicards. Pictured is one of the minis plus quick orb and portal tokens.
Original Orb Chart
The earliest prototypes used lookup tables in lieu of cards. Pictured is the original hastily scrawled orb grid (including the eventually axed Bouncy Orb). Standard and Special Event cards including Duration Events that consulted lookup tables were eventually cut as well.
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