The Orbs of ScrumBrawl

Origin of the Orbs

The Orbs of ScrumBrawlThe sorcerers of Cellessia labored long to fulfill their Queen's vision. By the time the games began in the Great Arena, they had succeeding in bringing seven variations of orbs in addition to the standard Leather Orb with which many of the children of the Cellessian races played.

The craftsmen of magic produced the Slippery Orb with a surface so slick, droplets of water would not stick to it.

The Chaos Orb was infused of the mysteries of the chaotic arts and would regularly send its bearer into unpredictable locations.

The Unstable Orb, some deemed, was a failure of the mages, a stone sphere that trembled to the touch and sent flares of heat into the air, threatening burns, or worse.

The giants of Tuliathu found great benefit in the Heavy Orb, to which they found no drawback, though all others strained beneath its mass.

Much care is required to handle the Crystal Orb as its fragile construction, though beautiful, can easily be shattered at the slightest mishandling.

Strength is infused into the bearer of the Shield Orb, making it the favorite sphere among many of the combatants within the Arena.

The Killer Orb was a sadistic offering of one of the more disturbed sorcerers of the Queen's council. Yet its qualities, imbibing the carrier with a thirst for blood, was intriguing and gained approval from the mages despite its dark power.

The sorcerers are still at work in the bowels of the castle contemplating new orbs to be revealed in subsequent chapters of ScrumBrawl's future.

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