Tabloids: Fashionista at the Grand Arena

By Anita 'Needle' Mace
Posted: June 13, 2011
Published in The Cellessian Times

Fashionista at the Grand Arena
A banquet of beauty at an unexpected venue

Ambrosian KnightCELLESSIA - The expected stench of mingled blood, sweat, and dust bombarded my senses as I stepped through the yawning iron and marble gates, though it was slightly masked by the sticky sweet aroma of the gypsy funnel cake stand. When the games in Cellessia’s Grand Arena commenced some years ago, I dismissed it as a fad – a series of testosterone-fueled battles where the baddest beasts across Avenbrae would rendezvous to spill their guts, lose interest after a while, and our kingdom would move on to other more noble pursuits.

But ScrumBrawl matured from a fad to something of a pasttime. Our Queen’s infamous vision was proving to be something of a unifying bond across the once warlike tribes. My girlfriends would tell how they went to see a game with their husbands or fiancés; I was mortified that they would subject themselves to such a bloodbath, but they assured me that it was not at all what I had made it out to be in my mind. Putting my doubts aside, I decided to see for myself what all of the commotion was about.

SphinxSo there I stood, breathing the unmistakable odor of the previous evening’s brawl, waiting through the interminable line for a precious ticket to a seat within the Arena. The rest of the queuing fans were a surprising mix of tribes, and there were a great number of the fairer sex among the throng.

Entering through the grand marble stiles, I located my expensive front row seat. I had no plan to attending another of these events so I intended to make full use of my one appearance and get the best view possible. As game time neared, my eyes were suddenly dazzled by a beautiful spinning spiral of orange only yards below my seat, crackling with magical energy and infusing the arena with a hushed expectancy. I could see a blue orb hovering near the center of the arena and within seconds, the first combatants flickered into their starting spots.

TransmuterI was immediately transfixed as the most beautiful creature I had ever beheld materialized immediately before me. She is known among the ScrumBrawl faithful as the Ambrosian Knight. Her full length platinum armor shone, and floral etchings caught the glints of the portal’s glow with such beauty that I felt tears coming to my eyes. Purple butterflies fluttered about her horned helm and an elegant spray of eagle feathers flowed down her golden-red cape. I had never imagined such beauty, and to find it within this bloody arena was bewildering. Little did I know then that the fashionista inside me was getting only the first taste of a truly spectacular banquet.

HarpyMy first glimpse of the Sphinx was as she whipped past our row of seats to score a goal for her team. Her jewelry was stunning, including royal jewels upon her neck, wrist and forehead. The golden bands at her wrists were elegant and feminine, accenting the perfect feline figure of the member of the royal family.

A short squatting man with a flower growing out of his head was an eye-opener for sure. The Transmuter was donning a pair of black Converse high-tops that clashed spectacularly with his bulging yellow goggles, blue and silver shirt and long flowing beard. The skin on his arms seemed to be in constant flux as his power leapt from his fingertips.

Aura MageA flash of pink in the air above brought my attention to the Harpy. Her long tresses were billowing behind her racing form like a curtain of bubblegum strands. At first glance, her face was a picture of beauty, but as she extended her talons toward her waiting target, her face twisted into a horrific scowl and I was forced to look away.

A short time later, the Aura Mage entered the arena, floating on a swirling cloud of magic. Her shocking violet thigh-high boots glittered in the lights of the arena, outshined only by her swirling golden bodysuit.  Her flowing red hair, as well as her temper, seemed to rise around her face like flame.

Chaos MageMy fashion taste was most confused by the appearance of the Chaos Mage. His, or it might have been her, choice of apparel was nothing short of chaotic. A great horn bunker-shaped helm covered his head and great bone torches protruded from his shoulders. His knees and elbows were adorned with great silver plates, and his long blue and gold striped undershirt terminated at his black gloves which held a glowing body-length scepter. Above his collection of waist-mounted reagent pouches was an orange dinner jacket with a fluffy white feather ruff. He ran through the arena in tall brown and gold striped fitted boots and a silvery cape thrown behind the entire outfit – a masterpiece of chaos if ever I saw one.

NecromancerAnd finally, what can I say about the repulsive yet irresistibly beautiful Necromancer? Until tonight, I had not seen one of the citizens of Vitium at close range. As she performed her intensely powerful spells, I was transfixed by her stunning floor-length gown. Ornate bonework accented the upper fringe of the gown perfectly matching her tall ruby-fitted staff. A black scarf intermingled with her jet hair. Her swirling black and red cape seemed to shelter menacing eyes in the darkness of its folds. Her shoulders and face were scarred, as if she had been animated by her own power. I longed to look upon her face but alas, a skull helm masked her countenance from my sight.

To all my friends who have heard my complaints and my negativity toward Queen Margalae’s game, please accept my most abject and humble apology. I shall be visiting the Arena again soon, and I don’t think I will be happy with anything but a front row seat. —Needle


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Fashionista at the Grand Arena


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