Tabloids: Vitium Detention Center a Model for Change

Vitium Youth Detention Center Undermining Violent Stereotype?

Site of Infamous Lich Massacre Now a Model for Change

by Luridka Dahver

HARSCHLASH, VITIUM – Within the marble-paved bastion of so-called ‘civilization’ that is the Cellessian capital city, the denizens of Vitium are commonly envisioned as wraith-like monstrosities wallowing miserably in the gurgling sludge of marsh mud seeking the next hapless victim upon which to latch our greedy jaws and messily feed. While this macabre stereotype is certainly warranted, a rare feel-good story of a youth detention center in the city of Harschlash may be the first step in reversing the cultural trends of our gruesome tribal heritage.

Vitium Violent Crime StatisticsOver the past nine months, wardens at the Premortem Correctional Facility have reported a 75% decline in the influx of inmates charged with violent criminal activity. This has Vitium officials scrambling not only to find new food sources for those already within the prison system, but also wondering what has caused this precipitous drop in violent offenses among Avenbrae’s most naturally savage races. Perhaps the answer can be found at newly renovated Central Harschlash Institution for Naughty Kids, known colloquially as Chink.

Just two years ago, Chink was the site of the then-lauded-now-infamous Lichling massacre where three underage skeletal sorcerers slaughtered thirteen Acherontic squires who had been cleared for discharge. The killings sparked thousands of copycat slaughter parties throughout the badlands, though thanks to the graduation of the first class of students from the new Contemporary College of Necromancy, the mortality rate was only slight. In the aftermath of the conflict, news of a completed Grand Arena brought with it a surprising shift in attitude among the Vitium populace. The unprecedented invitation of the Cellessian queen was at first seen to be nothing more than an attempt for the azure-clad armies of the west to subdue their mortal enemies one minion at a time. However, pirated Nordooni and Tuliathan newswires told stories of glory and gore for their competitors, and a sudden thirst for ScrumBrawl seized the tribe.

Acherontic KnightChink was one of the first institutions to undergo construction of their own training facility. Acres of swampland were fenced off and the rules were translated into the twelve tongues of Vitium and staked around the sidelines of the makeshift ScrumBrawl pitch. Good behavior inside Chink resulted in additional playtime in the swampland where bestial aggression and unrestrained violence were encouraged and rewarded. In fact, the Lichlings guilty of the aforementioned massacre have already been drafted to represent the tribes of Vitium in upcoming contests within the remarkable blood-soaked hall of true civility that is the Great Arena.

While critics bemoan the fact that the citizens of Vitium have merely traded illegal violence for an intertribally sanctioned embodiment of the same outflow of brutality, it cannot be denied that meals within detention center cafeterias, as well as dinner tables in traditional Hellspawn households, are a much more peaceful proposition in the Age of ScrumBrawl.


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