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The Herald Bulletin September 1, 2011
ScrumBrawl mixes sports arena and fantasy setting
Published in The Herald Bulletin, by Rick Teverbaugh
Creatures battle with orbs and portals
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Oklahoma Gazette July 20, 2011
Board Brawl
Published in the Oklahoma Gazette, Vol 33, No. 29
Norman-based VicTim Games has released its first board game, 'ScrumBrawl.'
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July 16, 2011
ScrumBrawl's Tabletop Tumult
Aired on KFOR Oklahoma's NewsChannel 4
Board games are back, say Victor Moyer and Tarek Dina -- ScrumBrawl, their co-creation with Tim Bugher and illustrator Jason Brodmerkel, is taking the tabletop world by storm.
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Black Gate Magazine

July 4, 2011
ScrumBrawl: Fantasy-Based Sports Goodness
Overall, the game is extremely enjoyable and easy to get into, with a minimal amount of fuss … and cost.
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Slice Magazine

July 2011
Chairman of the Board
Published in Slice Magazine, July Edition
I don't know where real surgeons develop manual dexterity, by my hand-eye coordination (and lightning-fast ability to locate a red-nosed man's spare ribs or bread basket) can be credited to a steady (get it?) diet of Operation during my formative years. Read the article >

Blog Critics

June 13, 2011
Board Game Review: ScrumBrawl
Ultimately, the fantasy theme is the icing on a heck of a sports game cake. The mechanics of ScrumBrawl are solid and impressive...
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May 14, 2011
ScrumBrawl Giveaway at BoardGameInfo.com
BoardGameInfo.com is awarding one lucky guy or gal with a game of ScrumBrawl, all for just commenting on their site!
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April 29, 2011
Return of the board game: Norman startup scores success with ScrumBrawl

NORMAN – In today's world of Internet-based entertainment, the board game is not dead. In fact, it's seeing something of a comeback, and a Norman startup company hopes to be part of the resurgence. Read the Full Article Here >
April 25, 2011
ScrumBrawl Has Arrived!
NORMAN – VicTim Games is thrilled to announce the release of ScrumBrawl! After months of waiting, and years of planning, ScrumBrawl has finally arrived at our warehouse! Read the Full Article Here >
Orb Theft
May 8, 2014
Massive Theft at ScrumBrawl Facility
A Security Guard Speaks
by Maximus Tuatarasmasher
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December 12, 2011
ScrumBrawl Spectator Safety
Complaints being brushed under the rug?
by Minimus Succubus
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November 11, 2011
The Tortured Life of a Transmuter's Wife
From humble means to the honor of the Queen.
by Cynnamyn Bonne
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September 2, 2011
Interview with the Boulder Golem
Is he as slow of foot and mind as you think? Find out!
by Maximus Tuatarasmasher
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Undermining Violent Stereotypes? August 5, 2011
Vitium Youth Detention Center Undermines Violent Stereotypes?
by Luridka Dahver
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Mordrock Vendor Stirs Riot July 4, 2011
Mordrock Vendor Stirs Riot: Two Dead
Intertribal product offerings causing angst.
by Maximus Tuatarasmasher
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Bull Toad at Large

June 24, 2011
Bull Toad Still At Large
Confidential Homicide File: Macabre Interview
posted by Fabiaus Flaån
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Fashionista at the Grand Arena

June 13, 2011
Fashionista at the Grand Arena
A banquet of beauty at an unexpected venue
by Anita 'Needle' Mace
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May 17, 2011
Interview with the ScrumBrawl Chicken
Is the Chicken paltry poultry or an unheralded hero? You be the judge!
by Maximus Tuatarasmasher
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