ScrumBrawl Errata

We have been told by some players of ScrumBrawl that the rulebook wasn't clear or did not provide information on the following game-related procedures. Those responsible for the writing of the rulebook have been flailed and are currently serving a sentence of no less than six months in a Vitium dungeon to reflect on their subpar technical writing and proofreading abilities.

Rules Clarifications

I. Attacking/Counterattacking vs Flying Creatures:

a. Any creature with a ranged attack can declare an attack against a flying creature.

b. A non-flying creature can counterattack against a flying creature (provided it is in range) as the flying creature has to 'come down to the level' of the non-flying creature to attack it.

II. Fumble

When a creature Fumbles the orb, either from a Fumble event, or from a Slippery Orb drop, that creature's turn immediately ends.

III. Dispel

Dispel destroys a creature enchantment or team enchantment. Dispel cannot destroy a creature. Poor wording on the card, which can be read either way, has been causing confusion.

IV. Wrest

If a creature successfully attacks an adjacent opponent's creature that is a carrier, the orb being carried may be taken in lieu of doing combat damage to the carrier. If orb is successfuly wrested, the original carrier would have the ability to counterattack (retaliate) if able.
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