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What is ScrumBrawl?

ScrumBrawl is a board game where players control fantastic creatures vying for supremacy within the Arena, scoring goals by maneuvering various types of enchanted orbs into portals set within the Arena or fighting other creatures to the death to prevent them from reaching the portals. The 100-card deck contains fifty creatures with different characteristics that determine how the creature interacts with the orbs (throw accuracy, catching ability, and throwing range), how fast a creature can move, and how effective it is in battle. Many creatures also have unique magic abilities that can be used to manipulate gameplay.

When players summon creatures, corresponding creature tokens (miniature cards that stand erect in cardstands) enter the 20x20 square gameboard, known as the Arena, where the orb and portal tokens await the contestants. In a four-player game, players may compete in teams of two. Goals are scored by creatures that maneuver an orb token onto a portal token by picking up, carrying, handing off, and throwing the orb with their creature tokens.

Click to see the ScrumBrawl RulebookEnchantment cards can be played on creatures to grant them enhanced stats or new abilities as well as make them hardier in combat. Event cards, such a Lightning Storms or Fumbles can change the flow the game in seconds forcing players to constantly rethink their strategies for scoring or engaging in combat.
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